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Reporting Services Tips and Tricks

March 30, 2007

Just some tips and tricks I’m paraphrasing from SQLMag Feb 2007:

1. Create a Report Template to save time:
Once you have a report with elements that are common to many of your reports, save the RDL to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\IDE\PrivateAssemblies\ProjectItems\ReportProject. Not your template will appear in the installed templates list.

2. Adding fields to page headers and footers:
Add the field you want in your header/footer to the page body and reference it.

3. Setting page sizes
To help with exporting reports to PDF set the report’s PageSize property. Also, for HTML rendering you can set the InteractiveSize property.

4. Use snapshots to avoid bottlenecks
Pre-process reports that may take a long time.  Reports are stored on the report server and can be quickly fetched from the snapshot. To support filtering reports, make sure to create the report to use report parameters instead of query parameters.

5. Embed JavaScript code in a report
For a quick back button, use “javascript:history.back()” in a textbox expression.

6. Use dynamic images
Conditionally display different images depending on a field value or conditionally hide an image using the Visibility property.

7. Display selected parameters on the report
=Parameters!ParamName.Value for single-valued selections
=Join(Parameters!ParamName.Value,”,”) for multi-valued selections


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