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January 31, 2006

Once in a long awhile you come across an app that’s useful and simple to use! fits that description perfectly. Besides a really clever name and url the service is (mostly) painfree to use. Since starting to use it a little while ago, I’m finding that I use it everyday and it has improved the way I work.

Typically, when I am doing work I will come across various websites with pieces of information that I need. I usually keep a browser window (or tab) open for each until I have time to read and make notes of it. But now with delicious, I can safely tuck useful urls away and look them up very easily.

The user interface is very intuitive and doesn’t get in your way. I find it interesting that in a departure from traditional desktop applications, (good) web applications rarely require user documentation. Now, there’s a point to ponder!

delicious also makes me wish I did something like that earlier. I had envisioned something similiar for my own use by never had the time to close the door, sit down, and start desiging/coding. I’ve been trying really hard to use a different model of development that has seen much use in recent years: build incrementally, release early. Or in other words “Just do it”


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